Volkswagen Golf Passion Club visits OZ

Sunday, March 5th, at 14 fans of VW Golf, the car model that has marked the history of the 4 wheels in the past 40 years, arrive in OZ perfectly on time. There are many people, as the club’s tradition: nearly 80 people, because Volkswagen Golf Passion Club moves the passion for car as well as for wheels exactly like OZ.

The visit starts with a company presentation which was followed by a deepening of the DM 20 , Italian law on wheel theme, and the possibilities it offers, in particular the possibility to increase the diameter of wheels and tires when not indicated on the registration document. The afternoon continued with a visit to the production plants where loved and symbol wheels such as Ultraleggera HLT, Supeturismo LM and Leggera HLT are made but also wheels for racing teams like Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport and Scuderia Ferrari. After the visit the Golf owners visited our Wheel Museum where we collected the first wheels realized and produced by OZ for cars as well as for competitions; a true collection of cult wheels as those for the Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Countach and Saints wheels for his Toyota Celica and one signed by Rosberg, 2016 Formula 1 World Champion.

The final toast was a perfect end to an afternoon in which we shared together the passion for cars and a product such as OZ wheels that can improve performance and make it even more unique and aggressive the own car.

We have the same passion. cars.

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